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Coronavirus wasn’t going to stop this couple from saying ‘I Do!’

Celebrating your special day during unprecedented times deserves a round of applause.

But, what does a wedding look like during the COVID-19 outbreak?

Well hello and welcome back to another blog article. It has been a while, but I am sure we all know why!!!

That nasty C-word has disrupted so many businesses, and of course the photography industry was no exception.

It has been a tough year, to say the least! I love my job as a wedding photographer, I receive so much fulfilment and joy from capturing a couple’s special moments.

It was hard when restrictions tightened and weddings had to be cancelled. Not to mention the poor couples that had invested so much time and energy into creating their special day, only to have to reschedule or postpone.

Wedding Photography - couple on swing
Wedding Photography – couple on swing

I had the pleasure of capturing one particular couple’s day who refused to let the Virus knock them down.

Meet Lauren and Brendon, our first wedding back after the restrictions lifted. After having to postpone their day two times, a third time was not an option.

Lauren just wanted to say ‘I do!’ and didn’t want to wait any longer. So, the final date was set for 22nd August at Preston Manor and Village Chapel.

The day certainly didn’t start as intended and there was a slight panic as new announcements were made about restrictions on groups. Lucky, these didn’t apply to venues.

Even though there were adjustments due to COVID and Mother Nature helping to turn the ceremony from an outside event to an inside event, we managed to capture some very precious moments.

One thing that wasn’t missing from Lauren and Brendon’s day, was beauty and romance. It’s hard not to fall in love with the gorgeous landscape, and the luxury bush-country ambience that vibrates from the venue.

Lauren looked breathtaking in her Grace Loves Lace gown, and hand-in-hand with her besotted groom, their nuptials were certified by Celebrant Peter Grant

The couple and their guests made the most of the cold weather and certain limitations, and everyone still had a great day. There was plenty of laughter and fun, with the Bridal party (aka the Cheer Squad) providing endless amounts of good cheer and funny moments. 

And seriously, who wouldn’t love a cinnamon donut themed wedding cake?

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Wedding Photography - groomsmen
Wedding Photography – groomsmen

So, what does a ‘COVID-Restricted’ wedding look like?

This is a question that is being asked a lot and it all depends on when the wedding is and the restrictions that apply for that date. All which can change at any time.

Fortunately for Lauren and Brendon, they were still able to have the same amount of guests as originally intended. The couple’s MC was top-notch and went through all the COVID rules efficiently.

Here are a few things they had to accommodation for:

Social Distancing. Now there’s a phrase that we won’t be forgetting in a hurry. Naturally, all guests and staff need to maintain distance between each other and try to avoid any unnecessary contact.

Wearing a Mask. I wore a mask during the ceremony due to the enclosed space, and because health and safety is paramount to me. Not only for my clients, but also for my health as well.

Hand Sanitiser was ready and available and everyone was encouraged to use.

Constant Cleaning. Staff were vigilantly roaming around with spray bottles, cleaning down surfaces.

Contact Information. Collection of names and contact details of everyone. 

Entry and Exits were restricted to only one way in and one way out.

No DJ! Unfortunately, there was no dancing for the guests, only the bride and groom.

All in all, Lauren and Brendon’s wedding was beautiful. It may not have been what anyone expects a wedding to look and feel like, however, this couple just wanted to say ‘I do!’ and start the next chapter of their lives together.

We wish the happy couple all the best for a magnificent life journey together.

Kat xx

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Toowoomba Wedding

Venue: Preston Manor and Village Chapel 

Celebrant: Peter the Celebrant 


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