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Engagement Shoot with dog

Getting to know you shoots, engagement shoots or Aka E shoots can be daunting to start with.

However when you add your fur babies to the mix you can see the absolute love you have for them in the photos. We love capturing you with your beloved fur babies and I must say it eases anxiety in lots of couples I photograph.

Some things to think about when bringing your fur babies in is:

1.Make sure you have a lead or containment for them when not in the shoot, I have had guniea pigs, and chooks as well as puppers. Safety is paramount for them.
2.The location of the shoot needs to be animal friendly such as a park of country location.
3. Poop Bags are essential
4. Feel free to dress them up
5 Have fun nothing ever goes to plan when you bring animals into the mix and this is the fun of it, lots of laughter happens.
6. Bring a extra set of hands to assist holding your fur baby when they are not in the photos
7. Bring Treats and water, Your fur baby will pose like you have never seen with these, and let’s face it being a model is hard work.

Capturing fur babies with their hooman mums and dads is so special as sometimes they cannot be in or at the wedding and its a great chance to include them in your preparation photos.
So don’t be hesitant bring them along we lovvvvvvve capturing them.

If you would like to see some full galleries with pets please get in contact <3

Check out our engagement shoots with pets below.


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