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Wedding Photography Couple at Sunset

How to Capture the Right Photographer

‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life!’


 When choosing a photographer that is right for you, you want to find one that really loves their job.

If they love their job, they are passionate. They can look beyond an image. They can see and capture a moment at the right time.

Here, at Kat Cherry Photography, we love our job. So, we never feel like we are working. Above all, we love finding the connections that shine through an image.

Creating photographic memorabilia that captures the deep connections between family and friends is magical. It is what we love and believe we do best.

Here are a few of these magical moments that are more than just an image.

Wedding Photography - Ceremony
Wedding Photography – Ceremony

Pride and fun shines through this image, taken during bridal prep at the wedding of Jarrod and Carla. It was a moment between a husband and wife, sharing the joy that their youngest daughter was getting married. The connection in the picture, captures the free spirit and bond these parents continue to have after 40 years of marriage.

Family Photo Father and Daughter
Family Photo Father and Daughter

This beautiful moment between a grandmother and grandson, shows a connection full of love. The image captures the innocence and carefree nature of a child enjoying the company of someone well beyond his years. It proves that age has no barrier between family we love and trust.

Wedding Photography - Together under umbrella
Wedding Photography – Together under umbrella

Friendships are powerful when it comes to a special day, such as a wedding. Strong friendship connections help you laugh, feel at ease, and enjoy your special moments. Real connections aren’t staged, they are genuine and effortless. Ollie and Santeesha’s wedding was full of warmth. They were surrounded by love and were at ease with who they had around them. This image captures the fun connection between friends.

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