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Engagement Photography - Couple in tree

How To Have A Carefree Photography Session

Are You Sitting on the Fence (tree) About an Engagement Session?

Welcome back to our next blog. This time we want to talk about Engagement Photos.

With so much focus on Weddings many people forget about, or don’t event think about engagement photos.

When it comes to an engagement photography session, I often get asked ‘Do I really need one?’

My answer is yes, of course!

It’s fair to say your wedding is the main event and the photography is a significant part of the day.  The last thing you want is to feel anxious, overwhelmed, or uncomfortable in front of the camera.

Unfortunately, you don’t get a ‘do over’ when it comes to your wedding.

So many couples I meet have never had a photo shoot together before an engagement session. This is the perfect time to wind down, and really reconnect with each other before the big day.

An engagement shoot is a great opportunity to get to know your photographer. You’ll get to see how they work and soon you will start to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Here at Kat Cherry Photography we offer a complimentary engagement shoot as part of your wedding photography package.  Bonus! No excuses, right?

Alternatively, we also offer a ‘try before you buy, mini photo session’. This will give you the opportunity to see if we are the right fit for you.

During our photo shoot our focus is You!  We all have different personalities, tastes, and styles. By choosing us, we will work with you to create images that are authentic to You.

If you have viewed any of our images in our portfolio, you will see that we can offer a range of different editing styles – from light washed out look to the BOLD colourful look. We are happy to help create the style that best fits you as a couple.

Enquire – Mini Photo Session

Engagement Photography - couple in field, fiance being carried
Engagement Photography – couple in field, fiance being carried

Engagement Shoot Recommendations

Sometimes an engagement shoot can be overwhelming, and we get a lot of questions.

My best advice to a couple is…

Don’t overthink it.

The engagement shoot should be carefree and fun. I find the best connection pictures actually happen when you are not focussed on the camera.

Most times, it is the last 30 minutes of the photo shoot we get the ‘Real’ you.
Engagement Photography - couple embracing on beach at sunset
Engagement Photography – couple embracing on beach at sunset
Here are some more tips to help you have a carefree engagement shoot, based on our most frequently asked questions.

“What Should I Wear?” You should wear whatever you are comfortable with. A lot of couples use their Hair and Makeup Artist trials to get dolled up. Again, this will all depend on your style and personality and type of editing you like. Some ladies are more casual and like to wear flats to save their feet.

“Where Should We Go?” I recommend you keep it simple. What scenic areas do you love? Country? Garden? Forrest?  Some of my favourites are the Japanese Gardens – Toowoomba, Hampton Forest, Mt Cootha Gardens – Brisbane.

“We are so Awkward in Front of the Camera.” Never fear! I hear it all the time. My job is to direct you. If your hand is in the wrong place, I will correct it. I will work to make you feel at ease, and endeavour to crack you up laughing.

“Can We Bring Our Pet?” Of course. If you have a fur baby please bring them along. I love sessions that include fur babies.

“Can We Bring Smoke Bombs/Props?” Depending on the weather conditions, yes. You will need to be mindful of any restrictions such as littering, or fire bans etc.

How do you feel about your engagement shoot now?

Hopefully I have eased your nervousness and convinced you of the fun you can have during your session.

Make sure you keep up to date with our latest adventures.

Kat xx

Engagement Photography - couple kissing on back of ute
Engagement Photography – couple kissing on back of ute

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